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Weekly Mowing

The average homeowner spends 2+ hours per week mowing and weed-whacking their lawn. We’re willing to bet that you’ve got better things to do! Let us do what we’re good at, and give yourself an extra week’s vacation this year!
Our routine mowing service includes trimming and edging all garden beds, walkways, and driveways as well as blowing debris from all hard surfaces. With our automated appointment reminders, you’ll always know when we’re coming!

Mowing starting at just $45/week.


Cost Factors

Lawn Mowing Cost

Our goal is to make mowing a simple, transparent, and hassle-free process from sign-up to snow, as it should be. We use a standardized pricing model based upon square footage although many variables can cause an increase or decrease in that base price.
Variables That Will Affect The Price


A rectangular lawn with minimal obstructions and flower beds will take significantly less time to mow and trim than a lawn with many trees, beds, swingsets, etc...


Tight spaces and small gates will prohibit us from using our biggest and most efficient equipment and will increase the time on the property. Busy streets, long driveways, and other limited truck & trailer parking scenarios will also have the same effect. ​

Clipping Disposal

If it is necessary to bag, remove, and dispose of the grass clippings to ensure the lawn is clean - additional time and disposal fees will be assessed.

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