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Lawn Care


Fertilizer Program

Every lawn deserves the nutrients it needs
Our consistent process ensures that each and every client receives the same great service and results.

Seasional Services

Our Process


Initial lawn assessment

Pre-emergent weed control to stop weeds before they start

A liquid aeration product creating micro-fractures in the soil to encourage deeper rooting in preparation for the summer heat

heavy nitrogen applications + micronutrients to WAKE UP the lawn


Spot weed control to manage the few weeds that snuck past the pre-emergent

Iron application to prolong the dark green color deep into summer

Liquid dethatching application to naturally encourage microbes to digest thatch and recycle nutrients back into the lawn

2 light nitrogen applications to gently feed the lawn through the heat/drought conditions


2 heavy nitrogen + micronutrient applications to build up the food reserves for a cold winter and early growth in the spring

Continued spot treatment for weeds

In most cases, mechanical aeration & overseeding will be suggested to improve overall lawn density in addition to your program

Lawn Care Services