Maione Landscapes

2021 Mowing Service Agreement


The following is the level of service that the client will receive from Maione Landscapes. Should these conditions not be met, Maione Landscapes will seek to resolve the discrepancy immediately to meet the conditions of the agreement.


Scope of Work: Maione Landscapes LLC, hereinafter referred to as “we / our”, will furnish all equipment, labor, and materials required to perform Mowing Service as outlined below:


Contract Period: This agreement is valid from the time it is signed by the client until 12/31/2021.


Termination of the Contract: Termination by the client prior to the end of the contract period will result in a termination fee of 2x the weekly service rate. 


Service Period: We will provide service, weekly, for the entirety of the turf growing season, typically beginning in April and ending in October. 


Service Schedule: The day of service will be decided based upon your location in respect to our current schedule. This day of the week will typically remain constant but is subject to change temporarily based upon weather conditions or permanently due to routing changes.


Service Reminders: The client will receive an email reminder the day before and the morning of the scheduled service.


Mowing Service: The client’s lawn will be mowed cleanly and neatly in its entirety and the grass along pathways, beds, and any detailed areas where the mower can’t reach will be trimmed and edged as necessary. After service, we will blow off any stray clippings that remain on the driveway, street, stairs, patio, or other surfaces and close any gates that have been opened.


The following is the expectation for the condition of the property on the client’s scheduled service day.



Parking Area: We tend to park on the street when possible, however busy streets often require us to pull into the driveway. The client should ensure that there is adequate room for a large truck and trailer on their scheduled service day.


Access: Client to ensure that all turf areas are accessible & gates are unlocked.

Lawn Condition: The lawn should be clean and clear of dog waste, toys, furniture, or any non-permanent objects on the scheduled service day. If we need to move such items to perform the service as outlined above, the time necessary will be billed to the client at a rate of $65 per man-hour, $5 minimum. Excessive dog waste will not be tolerated as we value our employees and will not subject them to those circumstances. We will issue a reminder upon the 1st instance. Upon the 2nd instance of excessive dog waste, we will end this service agreement.


Skipping Service: If we skip service in the summer due to lack of growth, you will not be billed for service. If the client needs to skip a service because of a temporary circumstance in the yard such as an outdoor party, another contractor, or anything that would interfere with our scheduled service, we will need at least 24 hours' notice. Cancellations within 24 hours may be subject to a $25 skipped service charge. Scheduling may not allow us to reschedule prior to your next weekly service date. If the increased growth between services results in an increase in labor hours (double cutting, bagging and removing clippings, excessive cleanup, etc.) the service will be charged at $65 per man-hour rather than the typical weekly rate. This pricing structure will also be used if we skip a service due to a poorly draining lawn being too wet to mow without causing damage.