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Why You Should Fertilize Your Lawn

Every homeowner wants a healthy and gorgeous lawn. Chiefly, this depends on the nutrients that the grass receives. Though lawns get most nutrients directly from the soil, sometimes they need a little boost to encourage faster and healthier growth. So, fertilizing your turf is not a bad thing. On the contrary, it is a smart care practice that can make your turf one of the most admired in your area. In general, you should consider fertilizing your lawn because of these six reasons:

1. Improved growth

Grass needs both macro-nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) and micro-nutrients (magnesium, sulfur, calcium, etc.) for optimal growth. These nutrients come in balanced proportions in most fertilizers, and they promise to improve the overall growth of your lawn. Both the thickness and lushness of your turf are likely to develop after application.

2. Weeds reduction

Surprisingly, most commercial fertilizers come with weeds suppression agents. So, they don’t just boost grass growth but also inhibits weeds. Remember, the more fertile your soil becomes, the more prone it is to weed attack. Fortunately, you can let the fertilizer fight this battle on your behalf.

3. Correct deficiencies

It is common for lawns to suffer nutrients deficiency after growing grass for long without fertilizing the soil. If your greens, for example, appear yellowish, then they probably are lacking nitrogen, which they can get in fertilizers. Similarly, if the plants are bluish greenish, they might be lacking phosphorus, which they can also get in fertilizers.

4. Disease resistance

Diseases like fair rings and rust like attacking weak and unhealthy foliage. Both are fungal diseases that attack your grasses when they do not receive enough nitrogen. So, it would help if you considered fertilizing the turf to avoid them. Both organic and inorganic fertilizers make your plants stronger to resist diseases. , their insusceptibility is enhanced considerably.

5. Pest resistance

A healthy and lush lawn resists pests the same way it resists diseases. Since the grasses are sturdy following fertilizer supplementation, it becomes hard for pests to get hold of them and attack them. Pest resistance is achieved regardless of whether the fertilizer has an insecticide or not. Of course, having an insecticide means better resistance.

6. Soil protection

As seen, your grass becomes stronger when you fertilize it regularly. As a result, it tends to hold to the ground firmly, and this improves the soil structure. An improved soil structure is generally less susceptible to soil erosion. It can resist agents like wind, rainwater, and gravity.

Closing Thought:

Like humans, grass needs food to grow healthier, stronger, and attractively. Their food is the fertilizer that you need to supply regularly. Doing so will ensure that you achieve the above benefits, among many others. Head over to contact and reach out to see how we can help get your lawn back into shape!

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