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If You Care….You’ll Cut Your Lawn Weekly

As a homeowner, the answer is simple – when you notice the grass is long and have enough time & energy, mow it. When contracting a landscaper however (such as Maione Landscapes, Franklin MA 02038 ­čśë ), the frequency needs to be determined more precisely. The two options are usually weekly and biweekly, if the landscaper offers biweekly service. Some companies don’t, for reasons I’ll explain later. Realistically, and understandably, the main reason that homeowners choose biweekly service is to save money.

They don’t mind if the lawn looks mildly “unmaintained” towards the end of the second week, they just don’t want it to look like a jungle. Alternatively, those who seek professional lawn care services as a means to dominate their neighborhood rather than “keep-up” will always choose weekly service. The fact of the matter is, for the majority of the warm months in the north-east, in order to maintain a clean looking lawn, weekly service is required.

always choose weekly service

Lawn Care Facts

"In order to maintain a clean looking lawn, weekly service is required".

Grass grows about 2-4" per week

Grasses in our area should not be cut less than 3"

Grass begins to look "messy" at about 4.5" (you can see where biweekly becomes a problem)

Ideally, grass should not be cut to less than 2/3 of the height prior to mowing. For example if your grass is 6" long, you should not cut to less than 4" (2/3 of original height).

Now remembering the earlier points, you can see where this would pose a problem if you waited another two weeks to mow.

Think of it like this... imagine you are pruning a tree, just a little off the top to keep it pretty - BUT YOU ACCIDENTALLY CUT IT IN HALF. You wouldn't expect that tree to be too healthy afterward. Cutting too much off, especially during the heat of the summer, can put severe stress on your lawn and cause it to brown.

BiWeekly growth can be tough to handle even with professional landscaping equipment, expect to pay up to 50% more for biweekly service to account for the extra labor, time, equipment wear and tear, and inefficiencies caused by not having you in the schedule each week.

Moral of this story – most lawns need weekly service until it starts to get cold. Even if your landscaper offers the service, you will pay a premium, and you will not be at the top of their priority list – they already know you don’t care what your lawn looks like! Head over to our Website or Facebook Page and find out how we can help!

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