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  • Mowing
  • When do you start / stop mowing?
    While each lawn may vary, the typical mowing service calendar runs from April through October. For the purposes of our annual service programs, we plan for 26 services.
  • Do you offer annual maintenance programs?
    We do offer annual maintenance programs. Most clients have a good idea prior to the season of which services they will be looking for throughout the year i.e.; Weekly Mowing, Mulch Installation, Shrub Trimming, Fertilization, Fall Cleanup, etc… Making this decision ahead of time allows us to efficiently schedule our services, and create a more consistent payment schedule for you throughout the year. Additionally, if you pre-pay, you can save 5% off of your entire year of services!
  • What do you do if it rains?
    If we experience significant rainfall on your scheduled mowing day, we may choose to push the service to the next available business day to prevent unnecessary damage to your lawn. We will usually work through light rain to stay on schedule.
  • I can’t water my lawn regularly, what should I do?
    If the conditions are dry and you can’t water, due to the dreaded “water ban” and you notice your lawn drying up, you don’t have a lot of options. In our experience, the water ban allows for hand-held hose watering. While this is not a great option for entire lawns, it may be just enough to keep you curb appeal from eroding. If you choose an area to focus on and stay consistent, you have a good chance of keeping it from going dormant. Remember, any amount of water is better than no water. As an upgraded option in our 2021 Annual Fertilizer Program, we will be offering a moisture retention product that allows grass roots to absorb moisture that would otherwise be lost to evaporation
  • My lawn doesn’t grow quickly, do you offer bi-weekly or monthly mowing?
    We currently offer weekly, and bi-weekly services. Most healthy lawns need to be cut weekly to promote better growth.
  • Payments & invoices
  • Why do you require a credit card to be saved on file?
    A few reasons:
    - It is safer, most secure, and impossible to lose compared to checks and cash
    - No more late fees!
    - Increased speed of payment = reduced chances of payroll issues = happy employees = great service!
    - We bill for services weekly and we know that would be a pain to keep up with manually
    - Reduction in office work keeps your prices low, increases focus on quality of service
  • Is it safe to give my credit card info?
    Of course! Here's why:
    - We use Stripe, a global payment processing company with millions of users that services businesses such as; Google, Amazon, Uber, & Microsoft.
    - We will send you a link to securely input your own data, we will never have access to the card information
    - You will always receive an email with a detailed invoice and payment information
    - If there is ever a billing error, refunds can be processed immediately
  • What are your payment terms?
    Our clients all store their credit card on file with our secure 3rd party processor and payments are processed the day your service is completed.
  • What type of payments do you accept?
    We accept debit and credit card payments only.
  • Do you have a referral bonus?
    $50 statement credit for each referral, paying for your lawn care is as simple as telling Ms. Jones to give us a call!
  • Do you offer discounts?
    We do offer a 5% discount for full-season pre-pay. This offer is valid each season from January through April
  • Leaf Cleanups
  • What about the leaves that fall after our Fall Cleanup?
    Have no fear! We have yet to see a property that repels the neighbors’ leaves after we’re done with our cleanup - those few stragglers will be picked up in the Spring Cleanup.
  • With leaves falling in October / November when do you do a leaf cleanup?
    As each property and tree type is different, we have a few options for how you can choose to have us manage your leaf cleanup.
    1) One cleanup in mid-late November
    2) Two separate cleanups, one in late October, one in late November. There is a slight premium for the additional trip but your lawn will maintain a cleaner look throughout the season.
  • Fertilizer Programs
  • Do you offer organic fertilizer?
    Yes we do, just ask!
  • Do I need to fertilize my lawn?
    Short answer, yes! Like any other living organism, including us, grass uses up the available nutrients (fertilizer) to grow, and therefore, the nutrients need to be replenished regularly. Unfertilized lawns are more susceptible to weeds and disease.
  • General
  • Why do I need mulch?
    Aside from the obvious aesthetic value that mulch provides, it also has a few more functional benefits. Adding a 2-3” layer of mulch to your garden beds is a very effective way to suppress weeds. Additionally, the moisture retention provided by the mulch will allow your plants and shrubs to remain hydrated during the heat of the summer.
  • How do we know when you’re coming?
    In most cases, we are able to schedule your service days in advance. Currently, our system is set up to send you an email the day before your scheduled service and a text message (if you gave us a mobile number) the morning of your service.
  • Do you do snow removal?
    We do not currently offer snow removal services, but we do have quality referrals for you if you need help