If You Care….You’ll Cut Your Lawn Weekly

Lawn Care Service

As a homeowner, the answer is simple – when you notice the grass is long and have enough time & energy, mow it. When contracting a landscaper however (such as Maione Landscapes, Franklin MA 02038 😉 ), the frequency needs to be determined more precisely. The two options are usually weekly and biweekly, if the […]

5 Things You Never Cared to Know About Grass

1. Weed & Pest Control The leading culprit of ruining the aesthetics of a lawn are weeds. Weeds are defined as any plants that are undesirable and unconducive to the health and well-being of the the habitat you are trying to cultivate: in this case, your lawn. The short list of the offenders that we […]

The SCIENCE of Hydrangea colors

You may think that once you plant a seed, the color of the flower you chose, is the color that you will always have… THINK AGAIN! A miraculous scientific breakthrough (not really… but science nonetheless), we have harnessed the power to change the particular hue of a hydrangea very simply. First the facts – There […]

Lawn Care SECRETS!

Lawn Care Services

Why You Should Fertilize Your Lawn Every homeowner wants a healthy and gorgeous lawn. Chiefly, this depends on the nutrients that the grass receives. Though lawns get most nutrients directly from the soil, sometimes they need a little boost to encourage faster and healthier growth. So, fertilizing your turf is not a bad thing. On […]

Top 3 Tips to Getting the Green Grass you Deserve!

Green Lawn Care

Like most endeavors, getting and maintaining a luscious green lawn is fairly simple, but not easy. It will take an investment of your time & money, and most importantly, test your patience and persistence. Most of us know what a good lawn needs to survive and thrive, we just need to stay on the right […]

Landscaping Near Me: 3 Things to Look for in a Landscaping Company

Franklin, MA 02038 By: Maione Landscapes As we’ve grown our little business, we’ve noticed some common themes seem to pop up as we on-board more and more clients. We frequently hear things like “I called so&so and never heard back” or “They said they would help me but that was weeks ago” or “They’re okay, […]

11 Easy Plants to Attract Friendly Bees to Your Yard

It should be no surprise at this point that bees are crucial to our ecosystem. Without bees, we wouldn’t be able to grow any of the food that we all eat on a daily basis! If you live in Franklin, Massachusetts you might be worried about which plants you can grow to help out the […]

8 Top Benefits of Aerating and Over-seeding the Lawn

Franklin, MA 02038 By: Maione Landscapes The North-east United States is characterized by brutal winters and sweltering summer heat with sporadic thunderstorms. Taking care of your lawn can become quite tricky in such a dynamic and challenging climate. However, one of the best ways to take care of your lawn is to follow a seasonal […]