Interested in joining the Maione Landscapes Team?
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Being part of the Maione Landscapes team is not about clocking in, clocking out, and collecting a check - it's a place to grow.


It's about putting in a hard day's work, learning, and building - in your career and as a person.

On our team, we are constantly striving towards; financial goals (business and personal), increasing efficiency (same pay in fewer hours), reducing costs (increased net profit means increased bonuses), and making a good living in an industry that is not known for it.


It is traditional corporate-speak to "put the clients first", but we believe that taking care of the Team Members will solve every other problem we may face. On the clock and off the clock, we do everything in our power to keep our Team Members on course:


  • We do not hide our financials from our Team Members, we share every detail. Every Team Member is a stakeholder and has the same goal of growing the business. A rising tide lifts all ships, so we make sure everyone knows how to raise it.

  • Milestones for bonuses, raises, and promotions are clear and well-defined.

  • Team members are paid for their time, of course, but more importantly for the value they add as well.

  • We consistently ask for Team Member feedback to ensure our systems and processes make their jobs easier, not harder.

  • We invest in fast, efficient equipment to reduce fatigue, keeping work-life balance...balanced.

  • Professionalism - we look and act like a professional team, because we are a professional team.


We think that most of this sets us apart, especially in this industry, but we want you to take away this final point:


- Our business serves our Team Members, not the other way around -


Less importantly, what we do:

  • Residential lawn care and landscaping in and around Franklin, MA. This includes; mowing, mulch installation, shrub trimming, fertilizer and pest applications, & seasonal cleanups.


Requirement (singular):

  • Driver's license and/or VERY reliable transportation.


We look forward to growing with you!


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