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8 Top Benefits of Aerating and Over-seeding the Lawn

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The North-east United States is characterized by brutal winters and sweltering summer heat with sporadic thunderstorms. Taking care of your lawn can become quite tricky in such a dynamic and challenging climate. However, one of the best ways to take care of your lawn is to follow a seasonal schedule for lawn maintenance.

Aerating and over-seeding are two of the most useful techniques for lawn care. Spring and fall are typically the most appropriate time to aerate and over-seed your lawns.

As per a Statista survey, in 2019, nearly $500 was spent per household on lawn care and gardening activities. This further establishes the importance of aerating, over-seeding and other such lawn care solutions.

Let’s take a look at some of the major ways in which these two practices can revive your lawn.


Key Benefits of Aerating and Over-seeding Lawns

Aerating and over-seeding help in rejuvenating your turf in the following ways:

1. Aeration Decreases Thatch

Thatch consists of roots and grass stems that tend to accumulate quickly in the garden and lawns. Excessive accumulation of thatch can lead to pest growth and diseases. Under such circumstances, aeration can be really helpful in removing the collected thatch

2. Aeration Lowers Soil Compaction

A stiff soil bed hinders the growth of grass. Such a soil bed can never be conducive to the development of your lawn. On the other hand, loose and soft soil can help grasses to dive deeper and find the necessary water and nutrients at the time of stress.

3. Aeration Promotes Germination

Aeration leads to faster germination of seeds. The aerator holes allow seeds a place to germinate promptly. So, aeration is a key process to ensuring a lush green lawn.

4. Better Access to Roots

When you are penetrating the soil during aeration, you are basically creating holes in it. This penetration enables improved access of air, moisture, water, and nutrients to the roots. Consequently, the improved availability of air, water, and food leads to better absorption.

5. Over-seeding Promotes Resistance

With the addition of different types of grass seeds, you can easily lower the risk of various diseases that can ultimately ruin the beauty of your lawn.

6. Over-seeding Maintains Grass Density

After the grasses on your lawn are grown fully, you have to replace them. Grown grasses tend to break due to several reasons, like heat damage, lack of water, pets, harsh climatic conditions, and more. You can opt for over-seeding to fill out the bare areas or thicken the existing parts.

7. Better Appearance with Aeration and Over-seeding

One of the most significant benefits of over-seeding or aerating your lawn is to improve its appearance quickly. Fungus attacks, fire damage, insects, animals, and many other factors can ruin your lawn. Timely over-seeding and aeration can accelerate seed germination and promote faster growth of your lawn.

8. Reduction in Weeds

Weeds can be a menace for most lawns. It usually grows in thin areas and low spots. For instance, Crabgrass is found in thin areas, and broadleaf weeds are seen in areas with less grass. The most effective method to eliminate weeds is to have a thick grass cover. Of course, aerating and over-seeding are the solution.

How to Know That Your Lawn Needs Aeration and Over-seeding?

Your lawn will need routine aerating and over-seeding if:

  • The lawn experiences heavy activity with pets and children running and playing around. Constant activity on the lawn can contribute to soil compaction, which can hinder proper grass growth.

  • Your lawn dries out faster and has a spongy feeling when you walk upon it. It might imply there is an issue with thatch which is preventing water from penetrating properly.

  • There are puddles on your lawn. The presence of puddles shows that water is failing to disperse off quickly into the soil.

Mistakes to Avoid During Aeration and Over-seeding

To revitalize your dull, damaged turf after a harsh winter or summer, you need to consider aerating or over-seeding it. If done correctly, these 2 techniques can prove to be highly beneficial for the maintenance of your lawn.

However, we often tend to make mistakes. Here is a list of some common blunders that you should avoid at all costs to reap the benefits of aerating and over-seeding:

  • Make sure to invest in the right kind of aerator equipment. You should opt for a proper plug aerator device to aerate your lawn. Moreover, learn how to use the aerator machines or else you might end up damaging your lawn.

  • You should keep the lawn moist after aerating or overseeding it.

  • Fall and spring are the most appropriate time to aerate or over-seed the lawn. Aerating in summer can prevent the growth of new grasses.

With proper aeration and over-seeding, you can develop and maintain the lawn that you desire. However, maintaining it can be quite time-consuming and hectic. Thus, hiring a professional can be the right choice at times.

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